2nd Cup of Coffee Parent Support Group:  SEPTA Monthly Support at Location TBD! Click the link for more info!

All are welcome. 

Email topics you are interested in discussing to

Thursday, 9/15/22, 9:00 am, Ayhan’s Mediterranean Marketplace 

Welcome Meet & Greet 

Please join us for an informal get-together where you will meet the PPS staff, and be able to share your questions and concerns with fellow parents. Find out more about how SEPTA can support, educate and guide you.  Bring friends. Coffee will be provided.  


Thursday, 10/6/22, 12:30-1:30, KAM Annex  

Special Education in Port Washington  

Dr Stephanie Allen, Assistant Superintendent for Special Education, and PPS staff, will review the Special Education services and programs available in our school district. A question and answer session will follow. 


Friday, 10/14/22, 12pm,  via Zoom

Lunch & Learn: 3 Part Mini-Series:

Part 1: Executive Functioning Through a Lifetime (Preschool/Elementary age)

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Meeting ID: 886 5892 2632

Passcode: 612083

Thursday, 10/27 @10am
Preventing Parent Burnout: Stress Management for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Extraordinary parenting responsibilities create extraordinary pressures on parents. Join us virtually for this training from Parent to Parent of NYS to discover positive ways to cope with and effectively manage stress.

Meeting ID: 833 4181 4965

Passcode: 338438


Wednesday, 11/16/22, 12-1:30 pm, KAM Annex

Transition from Preschool to Elementary School  

The transition from the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) to the Committee on Elementary Special Education (CSE) will be reviewed, and the programs and related services will be discussed. Presented by Derek Bastone, Assistant Director of PPS, and Dr Alisa Samuels-Stein, District Psychologist.

Friday, 11/18/22, 12pm,  via Zoom  

Lunch & Learn 3 Part Mini-Series:

Part 2: Executive Functioning Through a Lifetime (Middle School age)

Check memberhub emails for Zoom link.

?, 7 pm-8pm 

Transition to College: Accommodations and College Selection  

Mrs Lorrie Director, Director of Guidance, and guest speakers will discuss transitioning from HS to College 


?, 7 pm-8pm

 HS Diploma Options 

Learn about the current diploma options for students with IEPs.  Presented by. Mrs Lorrie Director, Director of Guidance. 

Parents of 8th graders should attend!  

Friday, 12/9/22, 12pm, TBD  

Lunch & Learn 3 Part Mini-Series:

Part 3: Executive Functioning Through a Lifetime (High School age)


?, 6:30-7 pm, Schreiber HS Library 

Transition to Schreiber: An Orientation for Parent of Students with IEPs and 504s 

Dr Stephanie Allen, and Schreiber HS Special Education staff will lead an informative session. 

For parents of incoming 9th graders (Fall 2022)


Monday, 2/6/23 6-6:45 pm, Weber MS Library 

Transition to Weber: An Orientation for Parents of Students with IEPs and 504s  

Beth Javeline, Principal of Weber MS, and Weber Special Education staff will discuss the transition from Elementary to Middle School, and will also address parent concerns.